Schneeberger High-precision Linear Motion Technology



Did you know that we are a key UK distributor and stockist of Schneeberger linear technology products?
Schneeberger produce, high-precision, high-speed, low-noise, low-friction, linear and profiled guideways. These are combined with sealed carriages that offer maximum reliability and service life and are suitable for the heaviest or lightest loads.
Schneeberger's integrated digital measuring and drive systems are a perfect choice for applications that demand high precision functionality. They offer easy-to-set-up instalment and integration, along with low-maintenance operation in comparison to alternative systems. 



Schneeberger's monorail system is used in areas such as

  • medical technology
  • the semiconductor industry
  • laboratory automation
  • measurement technology
  • automation
  • robotics
  • the optical industry
  • machine tool construction

Schneeberger's AMS measuring system

Precise linear motion requires accurate distance measurement. Schneeberger, with its integrated distance-measuring systems for a variety of applications, offers cost-effective solutions.


Schneeberger's Minirail

Minirail represents the latest generation of miniature guideways for sophisticated applications. They are extremely robust, yet their smooth-running precision and reliability are demonstrated in every application. Widths are as small as 7mm.


Schneeberger's Miniscale Plus

The "all-in-one" Miniscale Plus is a miniature guideway with an integrated measuring system. It has a resolution of 0.1 μm and allows for measuring lengths of up to 1000 mm. Its optical measuring system is extremely small, thereby facilitating particularly compact and light designs.

Schneeberger's range of rails and products come in a range of different materials and sizes to suit all situations, from simple handling tasks to heavy machining processes.  Customized solutions with tailor-made products are also offered on request.
Schneeberger also produce a range of high-precision ground ballscrews that are available on request.

Cal us for more information on Schneebergers extensive range of high-quality linear guideways and products.

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