Eichenberger Leadscrews

We are the the largest stockist of Swiss precision Eichenberger Gewinde leadscrews outside of Switzerland. Eichenberger Leadscrews are suitable for a variety of applications, and, for short strokes, are an ideal substitute for drive belts due to their low production costs. In addition, leadscrews are perfectly suitable as substitutes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The leadscrew design allows low-friction acceleration as well as free positioning and they operate without any secondary energy forces. In certain circumstances, leadscrews are an ideal alternative to trapezoidal or ballscrews due to high efficiency and asignificant cost-to-performance ratio.

Whether it's speed, weight or cost efficiency, Eichenberger have leadcrews to fit the requirements that you are looking for.

SPEEDY. Eichenberger Speedy high-helix leadscrews give unprecedented high travel speeds from very low rotational speeds 

RONDO.  Eichenberger Rondo round-thread leadscrews give high levels of efficiency with extremely low noise levels. An ideal alternative to conventional trapezoidal leadscrews.

EASY. Eichenberger Easy, lightweight rolled aluminum leadscrews with a friction-resistant coating (hard anodised). Ideal for increased loads in challenging climatic conditions or difficult environments.

We offer off-the-shelf or bespoke custom nuts for all Eichenberger leadscrews.

Eichenberger Gewinde offer a wide variety of diameters and pitches for their leadscrews that are unrivalled by many of their competitors. Click here for a list of all available sizes.

A Custom Leadscrew Nut doesn't have to come with a custom Price!

Moore International can offer you a complete custom lead screw nut facility for any of our Eichenberger leadscrews, this really is giving you the freedom to design the nut around your product and not your product around the nut. Our team of skilled machinists can work with you to design, recommend and manufacture a leadscrew nut to fit your requirements. We are able to offer this service for any of our Swiss made Eichenberger Gewinde Speedy or Rondo leadscrews, or for a standard Trapezoidal screw thread.

Moore International are also able to offer a range of low friction and protective coatings for our range of Eichenberger leadscrews. Click here to learn more.