New machining capabilities for your custom ballscrews and leadscrews

New machining capabilities for your custom ballscrews and leadscrews

Moore International’s ever-expanding CNC machining and turning facilities have become the heart of what makes the company a premium supplier of bespoke quality leadscrews and ballscrews.

The facility now hosts numerous CNC machining centres including high-specification 5 axis CNC mills and CNC driven tool lathes with high-volume bar feeders and Inductelec induction metal softners. This gives Moore International considerable machining capabilities which they can apply to their range of custom high-quality linear motion products.

Based in Poole, Dorset, Moore International have been supplying custom Swiss precision ballscrews and leadscrews from Eichenberger Gewinde to the industry for many years. The Eichenberger range of ballscrews and leadscrews has been a popular choice where precision and quality of materials and manufacture are key to the customer’s design.

Whether it's speed, weight or cost-efficiency, Eichenberger have leadcrews to fit most requirements. Eichenberger Speedy high-helix leadscrews give unprecedented high-travel speeds from very low rotational speeds. Their Rondo round-thread leadscrews give high levels of efficiency with extremely low noise levels - an ideal alternative to conventional trapezoidal leadscrews. Eichenberger Easy, lightweight rolled aluminum leadscrews with a friction-resistant coating (hard anodised) are ideal for increased loads in challenging climatic conditions or difficult environments.

The Eichenberger Ballscrew range includes no-wear ballscrew drives, ideal for moving heavy loads with low energy consumption. Their cold-formed screws that stand out for their robustness, precision, strength, efficiency and smooth-running. This form allows for extreme pitches, giving unprecedented travel speeds. The nuts are fitted with various ball returns, fully integrated into the nut body. The optimum system for your drive solution is selected on the basis of dimensions, temperature, travel speed, load and application range,

Custom screw end-journal machining
The in-house CNC facilities mean that end-journal machining can be applied to all of the types of screws Moore International supply regardless of diameter and type. The highly skilled in-house machinists can work directly from drawings, CAD files or from a sample to copy.

Custom leadscrew nuts
Offering a complete custom nut manufacturing facility for any of their leadscrews, gives the freedom to design a nut around the product and not the product around a nut

Custom CNC machined parts
Moore International offers other bespoke CNC part manufacturing and includes a dedicated assembly team.  The team can assemble a collection of parts to any required specification, at the highest level of quality and deliver them to you with your part number attached for easy traceability.

With many other linear motion products and over 40 years in the industry, find out today what Moore international can do for you.

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