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Eichenberger Ballscrews helping our view of the stars!

Worldwide, there are a total of four large latest-generation Cherenkov telescopes: Australia, Namibia, La Palma and the USA. Around 4000 electrically driven, cold-rolled ballscrews help researchers to observe the cosmos from the Canary Island and to gain more knowledge about mysterious objects and extreme events in the universe. Positioning the telescopes in the northern and southern hemispheres allows for optimal monitoring. Just what exactly do these observations accomplish and how does Eichenberger Gewinde AG play a role in such valuable findings?

Eichenberger Ballscrews cold rolled excellence!

Ballscrews & Leadscrews are among the most frequently used drive systems in many areas. The Eichenberger spindle technology and thread rolling (cold forming of outer surface of round parts) combine maximum load-bearing capacity and force density with incredible dynamics, amazing precision and maximum running performance.

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