Rollvis Swiss satellite rollerscrews - a superior linear drive alternative!

Satellite rollerscrews are similar to ballscrews, but with one important difference: the load transfer elements are threaded rollers instead of balls. The rollers offer a large number of contact points to transfer the load. They can achieve over 90% efficiency and have an expected life up to 15 times longer than any ballscrew equivalent.  Rollerscrews are capable of very heavy load capacities and high acceleration and deceleration speeds, making them a superior linear drive alternative.



Rollvis satellite rollerscrews have proven their superiority over ballscrews in many industries and applications such as:



Space (launchers & satellites)


Energy (nuclear, oil, solar)






Electric actuators



As an alternative to ballscrews, Rollvis satellite rollerscrews offer an advantage in the following areas:


High axial load capacity

Longer lifespan

Higher efficiency

No backlash


Accuracy (down to 6µm/300mm)

Small leads from 0.02mm

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