A quick overview of Moore International.

Moore international the UK's number one supplier of high precision linear motion products.
Swiss precision Ballscrews and Leadscrews from Eichenberger available off the shelf or made to your custom specifications.
Schneeberner high end linear rails and carriages with integrated measuring and drive controls.
Rollvis Swiss satellite roller screws, a superior linear drive alternative.

In house CNC milling and turning facilities for bespoke, custom manufacturing of parts, components or products.
We offer custom machining to the range of high-end linear motion products that we supply, for example, screw end journaling, or custom nuts


Moore International prides itself on ensuring precision from start to finish.



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Eichenberger Ballscrews cold rolled excellence!

Ballscrews & Leadscrews are among the most frequently used drive systems in many areas. The Eichenberger spindle technology and thread rolling (cold forming of outer surface of round parts) combine maximum load-bearing capacity and force density with incredible dynamics, amazing precision and maximum running performance.

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