Schneeberger MiniScale Plus

Miniature guideway with integrated measuring system – “all in one“

MINISCALE PLUS is based on the proven miniature guideway MINIRAIL. This extraordinary innovation combines movement with measuring in a highly integrated design. Consequently, the guidance-technical specifications of MINISCALE PLUS also comply with MINIRAIL.

The "all-in-one" Miniscale Plus is a miniature guideway with an integrated measuring system. The Miniscale, which is based on the already popular Minirail, is suitable for many applications including microscope tables, biotechnology applications and semiconductor equipment. It has a resolution of 0.1 μm and allows for measuring lengths of up to 1000 mm. Its optical measuring system is extremely small, thereby facilitating particularly compact and light designs.

The range includes eight rail widths which can be combined with up to four carriage sizes.

Rail width in mm Carriage Version
MN 7 MNNS SCP 7 short
MNN SCP 7 standard
MNNL SCP 7 long
MNNXL SCP 7 extra long
MN 9 MNNS SCP 9 short
MNN SCP 9 standard
MNNL SCP 9 long
MNNXL SCP 9 extra long
MN 12 MNNS SCP 12 short
MNN SCP 12 standard
MNNL SCP 12 long
MNNXL SCP 12 extra long
MN 15 MNNS SCP 15 short
MNN SCP 15 standard
MNNL SCP 15 long
MNNXL SCP 15 extra long
MN 14 MNN SCP 14 standard
MNNL SCP 14 long
MN 18 MNN SCP 18 standard
MNNL SCP 18 long
MN 24 MNN SCP 24 standard
MNNL SCP 24 long
MN 42 MNN SCP 42 standard
MNNL SCP 42 long

Performance Parameters of MiniScale Plus -

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