Schneeberger Lube-S

All types of MNN MINIRAIL carriages can now be ordered with optional LUBE-S lubricant. Other carriage types available on request. The ingenious long-term lubrication LUBE-S is a lubricant reservoir. It applies the lubricant externally in all orientations directly to the ball recirculation tracks by means of the capillary effect. LUBE-S is integrated into the inside of the carriage and lubricates all ball bearings that are directly under load. LUBE-S ensures lubrication even during short-stroke applications.

Using the long-term lubrication LUBE-S:

  • Maintenance-free for 20,000 km under normal environmental conditions and the corresponding load
  • The carriage length remains unchanged and does not affect the maximum stroke
  • LUBE-S is the optimal lubricant for all short-stroke applications
  • LUBE-S lubricates the ball bearings which are directly under load
  • The smoothness, push force and service life are maintained long-term thanks toLUBE-S
  • Maintenance costs are reduced substantially
  • The minimal consumption of lubricant is good for the environment
  • LUBE-S can be easily replaced

A compact solution

The external dimensions of the carriages remain the same. The maximum stroke is therefore not affected.


The LUBE-S oil reservoir contacts the ball bearings at a single point. The pushforces of the carriages are therefore not affected and the smoothness of the MINIRAIL system is maintained at a high level.

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