Speedy - Inch Thread

Eichenberger Gewinde Leadscrews

The Eichenberger high-helix lead screws are not called Speedy for nothing: never before have such high moving speeds been obtained at such low rotational speeds. The Eichenberger Speedy has made this possible by using a helix pitch unheard of before.

Our High-helix lead screws are made of stainless steel or light weight Aluminium and are formed by the cold-rolling process. They are coupled with high wear-resistant thermo plastic nuts in simple standard or preloaded designs.

Sizes range from 4mm Ø to 36mm Ø with a vast variety of pitches available Click here for a list of all available sizes

For higher loads or special applications, alternative plastic materials or bronze may be used for the nuts. Moore International are able to offer custom nuts to your specification and design, please contact us for more information. 

Below is a list of available diameters, click into yout desired diameter to see what pitch options are available.

Speedy - Inch Thread