Metric Range

Oilite has been acknowledged as the undisputed market leader in self-lubricating bearings for almost 80 years, and today sets the standard for other products with its quality and reliability.

The extensive technical knowledge and manufacturing resources behind Oilite have resulted in a vast array of sophisticated, high quality components that are supplied to a wide range of industries, throughout the world.

Standard Oilite bearings are impregnated with a highly refined mineral oil to ISO VG (SAE 30) having a high viscosity index and containing anti-oxidant, anti-rust and defoamant additives.

To prevent possible seizures with stainless steel, hard-chromium and nickel plated shafts, an addition of molybdenum disulphide to the impregnation oil must be specified.

Any particular application thought to be outside standard conditions should be referred to our Technical Department within Moore International. However, here are some basic rules:

1. Low viscosity oil for low temperatures, high speeds or light loads
2. High viscosity oil for high temperatures, low speeds or heavy loads
3. High viscosity index oil for wide variations in operating temperatures
4. Oxidation stable oils for long-period usage
5. Oil with ‘oiliness’ additives for boundary conditions
6. Oil of lesser ‘oiliness’ for full film (hydrodynamic) conditions
7. Oil with Extreme Pressure (E.P.) additives for very heavy or shock loads 

Metric Range
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