Ball Screws

Ballscrews are a highly efficient way of converting rotary to linear motion. This is due to the ballscrew's high reliability, precision and efficiency compared to more traditional power transmission components such as belt or chain drives (which we also distribute). Ball screws are more efficient and have a longer life span than acme or trapezoidal threads. The main reason behind a ball screw's efficiency is the presence of ball bearings that are housed within the nut. The bearings run on the cold-rolled thread, greatly reducing the amount of friction between the screw and nut themselves. The design of the nut cleverly allows the ball bearings to re-circulate, resulting in a longer and more predictable lifetime.

Benefits of Ballscrews

The variability of the life span depends on the speed at which the load is to be moved over a certain distance and the type of bearings and configurations used. Due to the nature of ballscrews, consideration must be given to speed and length of the screws inorder to avoid what is called 'buckling' or 'whipping'.

Special Nut Designs and End Machining

Moore International can offer a range of machining facilities in the UK or at the factory in Switzerland, including softening the ballscrews for customers who want to machine them in-house themselves. Special or custom nuts can also be made from customer drawings that provide specified diameters and pitches and in minimum quantities of only 250.

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