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  • Precision Range
  • Economy Range
  • Miniature Range

  • Speedy High Helix
  • Rondo Round Thread
  • Available in Light  Weight Aluminium

  • Trapezoidal Nuts
  • Whirled Precision
  • Rolled Threads
  • 2 Start precision


Performance and versatility for precise, powerful and clean linear motion

  • Economical heavy duty actuators
  • Clean & efficient alternative to fluid power cylinders
  • Flexible selection of screws types and leads
  • Modular mounting and rod end designs
  • Internal anti-rotation of the thrust rod
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Environmentally enhanced versions available

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The UK Experts in Ball Screws and Lead Screws

Welcome to Moore International, the experts in ball screws, lead screws, linear guides and bearings. We are the UK's leading distributor of Swiss-made Eichenberger Gewinde ball screws and lead screws. We also stock ground ball screws and trapezoidal lead screws in various stock lengths and are able to provide Satellite Roller Screws, in addition to bronze, steel and cast iron nuts and a variety of anti-backlash nuts, this coupled with Ball Screw Repairs we offer a full service for your linear needs. 

Moore International are also a key distributor of Schneeberger linear motion products - a name synonymous with modern linear guide technology for the mechanical engineering industry. Thanks to their unyielding focus on linear motion, Schneeberger offer their customers significant technical and economic advantages that can be built into their applications. Besides Schneeberger, we also supply products by Hiwin, so if you need any linear items, just contact us to discuss the right product for your application.

We also offer full CNC machining done to customer drawings, which can be in large quantity batch work, or in small orders for next-day delivery. End annealing of ball screws can be offered to clients who are not sure of their finished specifications, as this allows them to machine the ends of the screws themselves.

Moore International is located on the south coast of England in Poole, Dorset. We have been a family run business for more than 15 years and have over 25 years' knowledge of bearings, ball screws and lead screws. Whatever your industry we can provide you with fast solutions to a variety of challenges.


Contact us today for a free quotation 

01202 743222 

If you are outside the United Kingdom please contact our sales office direct to place your order.


Monday, 6 July 2015  |  Jon Feeney

Three very useful products...

Ballscrews and leadscrews are our flagship products, but this month we're featuring three devices for which we're less well known: ball transfer units, machine feet and high-performance dampers.

Starting with ball transfer units (BTU's), we're delighted to announce that we've teamed up UK manufacturer Omnitrack to offer you a wide selection of units at affordable prices. 

Omnitrack's BTU's offer the following features:

  • Low friction with heavy loads
  • Instant directional change
  • Smooth, precise conveying at high speeds
  • High resistance to shock and temperature
  • Drain channels for debris and liquids
  • Wide choice of material upgrades

For more information about these useful products, visit the ball transfer unit section on our website.

We're also pleased to announce that we've expanded our range of machine feet. We can now offer items such as basic feet with plastic bases, stainless steel feet for use in the food industry, as well as a pioneering new range of blue anti-bacterial bases with stainless steel stems. For all the various sizes and options, see the machine feet page on our website.

Clamping and braking experts Zimmer have launched a state-of-the-art, robust damper this month. The Basicstop features a high-performance material and a specifically developed profile that allows it to absorb large amounts of energy even under the toughest conditions, with an impressive damping rate of up to 75%. The features of this innovative design include:

  • Three different series in various sizes and hardness grades
  • High energy absorption at high damping rate
  • Thermoplastic elastomer on a copolyester base (TPC)
  • Resistance against (sea)water, UV light, ozone, oils, grease and hydraulic media
  • Reduced maintenance costs through long service life due to tremendous durability

In addition to offering the products discussed above, allow us to remind you of the fact that we're the UK distributor for Swiss-made Eichenberger Gewinde ballscrews and leadscrews. We can machine any of these screws (or trapezoidal screws) to your drawing, and we can also manufacture customised nuts to your specification. Additionally, we supply a variety of complimentary products including Schneeberger linear guides, bearings, couplings, pulleys, oilite bushes, o-rings and anti-vibration mounts.


Steve with a big BTU!

Stainless steel machine feet

A Zimmer damper

A Zimmer manual clamp

Swiss ballscrew and nut

Friday, 15 May 2015  |  Jon Feeney




Moore International will be on Stand J26 at Northern Manufacturing & Electronics show at Event City, Manchester from the 30th September 2015 to the 1st October 2015





Moore International will be on Stand L61 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show at FIVE, Farnborough from the 9th to 11th February 2016





Moore International will be on Stand D362 at Drives & Controls at the NEC Birmingham from 12th to the 14th April 2016

Monday, 11 May 2015  |  Jon Feeney

Our machining capabilities are growing!

We wanted to let you know that our machining capabilities have grown substantially over the last few years.  We can now do the end-machining for all of your Eichenberger ballscrews and leadscrews or almost any diameter and length of trapezoidal leadscrew. Getting us to do your machining will reduce your scrap costs, reduce your component lead-times and ensure you receive components that fit your application every time. We can work directly from your drawings or CAD files or - if you prefer – you can send us a sample to copy! 
Although we can create any kind of end machine detail, we offer a very cost-effective basic end journal that fits our wide range of support bearings.

We also have a state-of-the-art ballscrew softening machine that allows us to anneal the hardened ballscrew shaft for easy machining. Even if you have your own machining facilities, after purchasing your ballscrews from us we can soften them so that you’re able to machine them with ease. 

Custom nuts that aren’t at custom prices!
Moore International can offer you a complete custom nut facility for any of our Carry ballscrews or Speedy or Rondo leadscrews, or with traditional, trapezoidal leadscrew.

Our team of skilled machinists will work with you to design and manufacture a nut to suit your requirements, and will give you the freedom to design a nut around your product - not your product around a nut!

We stock up to 3-metre lengths of ballscrews and leadscrews in various sizes, in right-hand and left-hand and in mild or stainless steel. We are even able to supply some sizes of leadscrew in light-weight aluminium.  

Sub-con machining
Over the past few years we've invested substantially in state-of-the-art CNC machines, including  high specification 4th axis CNC mills, driven tool lathes and a high-volume bar feeder. This expansion of our business means we can help you with your business, whether it’s to mill or turn a one-off or whether you’d like to sub-contract us to assemble a large batch of components. Our dedicated assembly team will assemble a collection of parts to your specification at the highest level of quality and deliver them to you with your part numbers attached for easy identification and traceability.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about your machining requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

End detail on a leadscrew 
Machined trapezoidal screw
One of our machines at work

Milled nuts for a Maserati

Bronze threaded nuts

Speedy aluminium leadscrew

Friday, 1 May 2015  |  Jon Feeney

Moore International, the UK distributor for highest quality ball screws and lead screws by Swiss manufacturer Eichenberger Gewinde & Key distributor for Schneeberger Linear are pleased to give you the following new product information from its linear partner Schneeberger –


SCHNEEBERGER Launch Integrated long-term lubrication LUBE-S for MINIRAIL

LUBE-S (LS) Long-term Lubrication

All types of MNN MINIRAIL carriages can now be ordered with optional LUBE-S lubricant. Other carriage types available on request. The ingenious long-term lubrication LUBE-S is a lubricant reservoir. It applies the lubricant externally in all orientations directly to the ball recirculation tracks by means of the capillary effect. LUBE-S is integrated into the inside of the carriage and lubricates all ball bearings that are directly under load. LUBE-S ensures lubrication even during short-stroke applications.

Using the long-term lubrication LUBE-S:

  • Maintenance-free for 20,000 km under normal environmental conditions and the corresponding load
  • The carriage length remains unchanged and does not affect the maximum stroke
  • LUBE-S is the optimal lubricant for all short-stroke applications
  • LUBE-S lubricates the ball bearings which are directly under load
  • The smoothness, push force and service life are maintained long-term thanks to LUBE-S
  • Maintenance costs are reduced substantially
  • The minimal consumption of lubricant is good for the environment
  • LUBE-S can be easily replaced

A compact solution

The external dimensions of the carriages remain the same. The maximum stroke is therefore not affected.


The LUBE-S oil reservoir contacts the ball bearings at a single point. The push forces of the carriages are therefore not affected and the smoothness of the MINIRAIL system is maintained at a high level.




For more information Moore International can be contacted via http://www.mooreinternational.co.uk/, Email - sales@mooreinternational.co.uk TEL – 01202 743222




Monday, 2 February 2015  |  Jon Feeney

New technology trends are promising high growth rates and are changing all the time. The demands placed on mechanical drive components and the requirements in the respective areas of application are rising in the same manner. Ever smaller dimensions are being stipulated in the medical technology field in particular. The rolled ball screw is a simple design element which nevertheless meets the highest quality and dimensional requirements. A true masterpiece has gained a foothold with the miniature version of the Carry 4x1 ball screw. It turns out that as the component becomes smaller and more precise, its area of application grows.

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